Eco Inspiration

I’ve always wanted to live in a more eco conscious way but I’ve always had an excuse. Too expensive, too busy, too inconvenient etc etc

Over the years, various people/stories have inspired me but again I’ve always made excuses as to why I can’t apply the principles to my life. This time, I’m going to bite the bullet and actually kick some eco goals!

I am constantly inspired by various people or stories that I read. Listed below are a few of my eco heroes.

I read Anita Roddick’s book Business as Unusual many years ago. Roddick started The Body Shop and she was an advocate for carrying out business with strong ethics and in an environmentally sustainable way.

Just recently in Frankie magazine, I read an article about a New Yorker, Lauren Singer who has all but eliminated trash from her life and she writes about it on her blog, Trash is for Tossers.

And in Practical Parenting magazine, I read about a family from the Czech republic who lives in a rented apartment in Brisbane and produces fruit, vegetables and even honey in their communal garden. They present workshops under the brand spurTopia

My friend who has 5 acres with some cows, chooks and lots of veggie and fruit gardens also inspires me daily. I’m hoping she will assist me in my quest for living in a more sustainable way.



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