Forgive me for I have binned

imageChristmas time. Often an unnecessarily stressful time of year. A consumer’s idea of heaven. Endless presents, overindulgence of all kinds and extortionate amounts of plastic packaging.  I try to remember that it’s a time for being with family, celebrating life and the birth of Jesus. A time to be grateful for our blessed lives. Nothing else should matter. Certainly not hastily put together gingerbread houses which look like they were decorated by a two year old. And if it wasn’t bad enough that they are decorated with sugar laden lollies filled with preservatives and artificial flavours then there are the plastic bags. Next year if I’m crazy enough to make them again, I’ll go to a bulk lolly shop and bring my own bags.

I have committed plastic sins left, right and centre this week.

We are driving out to Emerald today.  And I’m disorganised. I didn’t pack lunch. I brought water for myself but not my husband. I forgot the baby’s water bottle. Packed the frozen purées but they are all in new non-recyclable plastic bags ( the ultimate plastic sin I think). We had coffees in takeaway cups. I am feeling like it’s all too hard. It really truly comes down to forward planning and habit. I guess that admitting the problems and challenges is the first sign of awareness which will ultimately help a solution.  How long will it take to kick a lifelong plastic habit???

Perhaps I expect instant change like so many of my generation. And perhaps I should focus on the small steps forward that I’ve taken. I made my own yoghurt. One less plastic tub in the bin. I wrapped the presents in pre-loved wrapping paper. I did use plastic sticky tape so will have to try origami style gift wrapping next time. I’m sure it’s possible to think outside the box and creatively wrap without sticky tape next time. And I’ve been trying to store food in containers with kids or wrap leftovers in the beeswax fabric wraps that I purchased from the family business  in the Sunshine Coast, Bee Eco Wraps. And I made my own bread! Perhaps all is not lost for my Eco Crusade….

Homemade bread in Eco wrap




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