2016 Eco Calendar

2016 Calendar

So this is the plan for my 2016 Eco Crusade. Each month, I’ll post a summary of my goals. Let’s see how we go!

On the 26th October 2015, while on holiday, I wrote down what I wanted to achieve in 2016. I’m usually a ‘gunna’ kind of person and so here it is, the 4th January 2016 and I’m quite surprised that I have started a blog. To be honest, I’m a bit pleased with myself! If I can make it to at least 26th October 2016, I’ll be even more chuffed!

This is what I wrote –

To be sustainable in a stylish way!

1. Nappies
2. Skincare
3. No plastic bags
4. No plastic water bottles
5. Whole foods
6. Clothing – declutter/ op shops
7. Natural cleaning products
8. Walk/cycle as much as possible. Even trial just one car for a month
9. Farmers markets
10. Grow your own food
11. Don’t buy anything new
12. Give something back. Volunteer/ charity
13. Upcycling
Lead up to Christmas – biggest consumer driven holiday
Start January
Start slowly
Accept that you’ll make mistakes
The Happiness Project – Gretchen Rubin
Trash is for tossers – Lauren Singer
From Unhappy Consumer to Fulfilled Greenie/ Eco Warrior
 It will be a challenge. It won’t be easy. One bite at a time. Small steps, Big changes.  I can do this!

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