Keep Australia Beautiful


There have been a few slogans and ditties to encourage Australians to throw their rubbish in the bin.

“Do the Right Thing. It’s an Obligation. Our Planet will thank you for your cooperation. ”

“Keep Australia Beautiful”

It’s beyond me why people would even consider littering our beautiful lands. But they do. To be fair, some rubbish does blow out of the bin, or the garbage truck. Which isn’t good for our environment.

On the Christmas break, we went to our family beach house just north of Mackay. I encouraged everyone to pick up 5 pieces of rubbish every time we went for a walk. We thought our beach was pretty clean but we still found rubbish and plastic bags which kill the turtles and other marine and bird life.  The main things seemed to be food and drink packaging.

Hopefully the ‘Cash for Containers’ campaign will make a break-through and beat the big companies like Coke. It would be wonderful to see less rubbish and more cans and bottles being recycled.

Check out the brilliant animation by the Boomerang Alliance for the Cash for Containers Campaign.

IMG_9700 IMG_9718 IMG_9761 IMG_9762





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