Cash for Containers

I’ve been writing blog posts in my head the past couple of weeks and haven’t had a good chance to put ‘pen to paper’ so to speak.

But when this email arrived in my inbox a couple of days ago, I had to take some action. Boomerang Alliance have been fiercely campaigning in New South Wales against big companies like Coca Cola to implement a Cash for Containers scheme that will work well in support of the environment. They have modelled their proposed scheme on similar initiatives from all over the world.

Mike Baird and the New South Wales government are asking for community input on the discussion and Boomerang Alliance have made it very simple to do this.  There are also some disturbing images put together by Greenpeace showing the impact that bottles and cans have our our wildlife.

This was my submission –

Hi, I’m Lauren and I live in Mackay, Queensland. I am writing in support for Boomerang Alliance’s Cash for Container Scheme.  I am hoping that once NSW implements a ‘world’s best’ scheme that other states, including Queensland, will follow suite.  We recently spent a week at our annual beachside destination and although not as densely populated as southern beaches, we were still picking up rubbish every day. One of the main offenders was bottles and cans. It breaks my heart to see our beaches and waterways littered with rubbish thrown away by people. A cash for containers scheme would help encourage recycling and hopefully less rubbish would end up in our waterways. Please support Boomerang Alliance’s scheme and not one suggested by industry giants such as Coca Cola who surely only have their commercial interests at heart. Keep Australia Beautiful.

Kind Regards,


(The below points are copied directly from Boomerang Alliance’s website and will accompany my (and hopefully your) submission.

  • It’s based on world’s best-practice systems so it will meet the government’s election promise and priority to reduce of the volume of litter by 40% by 2020.

  • It is aligned with the successful South Australian CDS for bottles and cans up to 3L and has a 10 cent refundable deposit. This avoids consumer confusion and industry disruption from having different systems in different states.

  • It offers the most convenient way to redeem the 10c deposit by proposing fast, modern reverse vending machines where people regularly shop or visit.

  • The CDS is run by a non-profit body committed to maximising community access and environmental benefits, and is 100% independent from industry – ensuring community trust and confidence.

  • The industry alternative listed in the discussion paper – ‘Thirst for Good’ – is a poor option that won’t change behaviour to stop littering – unlike the financial incentive of a 10 cent refundable deposit. Nor will it build up the recycling industry.

Here’s where you can submit your letter too. Help NSW (and Australia) get a cash for containers scheme that is the best in the world!


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