Eco Crusade


Crusade  [kruːˈseɪd/] (noun) is defined as:

‘a vigorous campaign for political, social, or religious change.’  – Google Dictionary
When I started my blog a few months ago it, I hoped it would:
1. hold me accountable to my pledge for a more eco existence in 2016
2. give me some direction in my new life as a stay at home Mum.
3. inspire others around me to think about their individual impact on our planet.
I chose to call it a crusade because I liked the idea that it was a team effort.
And it feels like the fight for the health of the world we live in is gaining momentum. I don’t know if I’m paying more attention or if there are more people having a conversation but here are some ‘voices’ that I’ve heard over the last few months.
Girl Power
The 1millionwomen campaign has piqued the interest of thousands of women. The idea behind the campaign is that women are at the forefront of running households and therefore are the ones that can help cut down on waste (packaging, food, electricity, water). Also women are usually good communicators….



Zero Waste Living
The Rogue Ginger, a zero waste blogger, appeared on Channel Seven‘s popular morning show ‘Sunrise‘ to talk about how she lives with as little waste as possible. A whole year of her rubbish fills a small jar. When you consider how big our wheelie bins are, this is an amazing feat.
Eco Journalism
ABC TV’s 730 has reported about the microbead problem and disposable coffee cups in the space of a few months. The report on disposable coffee cups features Environmentalist, Tim Silverwood and Greens Senator Peter Whish-Wilson. Watch it here.
A good week for #EcoCrusaders.
As a result of some of these TV reports and my Facebook posts, I have received some great feedback. Although I have copped some flack from close family and friends about my environmental rants, I’m so pleased that some ideas and suggestions have been taken on board.
In the past week-
  • I have received emails and messages to help me with my DIY cleaning products (watch this space as I try recipes for an all-purpose cleaner and foaming hand wash over the next couple of weeks)

Rubbish collected by Mum

  • My Mum collected her #5piecesaday from the beach. Bubblewrap, bottle lids and plastic.Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 3.37.19 PM
  • I brought my Melbournite brother a glass and cork Keep Cup for his birthday so he can feed his coffee addiction in a sustainable way! (image courtesy of
  • I put a post on Facebook about The Red Group ‘s recycling collection bin outside Coles and a few people mentioned that they didn’t realise you could recycle soft plastics. And to be fair, I only found out the other day too when talking to a friend. It’s all about starting the conversation about waste and recycling.‘Did you know that you can drop your soft plastics to the bin outside Coles to be recycled by RED Group? They are made into outdoor furniture and signage for schools and communities. Soft plastics include – Bread bags
    Biscuit packets
    Frozen food bags
    Rice and pasta Bags
    Confectionery packets
    Newspaper wrap
    Plastic shopping bags
    Old green bags

    This way, they don’t end up in landfill forever and ever….



I’m looking forward to working with others in an ongoing #EcoCrusade!



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