A Trashy Trip to the Markets


When I go to the markets at the Mackay Showgrounds, I love the atmosphere, I love supporting local farmers and I love eating the delicious produce!

But, every Saturday I make an excuse about going . “I’m too late. All the good fruit & veg will be gone” ; “I’ve missed my friend so I won’t bother going.” “It will be too busy in the carpark and I won’t get a park.”  “I don’t have any cash in my wallet.”

Well, last Saturday I made a proper effort. I went. And yes, I missed my friend. And yes, I didn’t have any cash in my wallet. I decided to walk so my excuse about the carpark was obsolete. I was already late, so it didn’t matter if I was a bit later. The markets run from 6/6:30 until 10am every Saturday. I left home at 7am and I walked via the cashpoint so I could get some money out. It was a slight detour but walking is good exercise! It was quite hot but I had my hat and sunscreen on and was armed with a backpack and fabric bags. On the way, I walked through the suburban streets of West Mackay and I was disgusted to see how much rubbish was lying on the road. I didn’t pick it up and I felt so guilty but I wasn’t sure how many bags I would need for the fresh produce I was planning to buy.


It’s not very far – only about a 25 minute walk usually- so I got there about 7:30am. It wasn’t as busy as usual but I do usually try to go a bit earlier when I do go (to meet my friend). It could be that there isn’t as much produce at this time of year too. It’s too hot for a lot of things to grown up here in North Queensland.  There was pineapples, pumpkins,  raw honey, ginger, home grown carrots, eggplant, snake beans.


On the way back, with the pumpkin and pineapple in my backpack, i decided that I couldn’t just leave the rubbish lying there. And once I had picked up one piece, there was no stopping.  I’m ashamed that the people of Mackay have so little respect that they can just throw their rubbish on the ground or out the window.

We had planned to go up to my friend’s place for morning tea, so when our daughter woke up, we got in the car and up we went. They have a 5 acre block of land just north of Mackay city. It is wonderful. They have a couple of dogs, chooks, cows, some veggies and herbs as well as an orchard of exotic fruit trees.


Morning tea was a visual delight. A big bowl of healthy fruit, a jug of homemade lemonade and some nut and cacao chip biscuits (also homemade). Yummo! Our daughter is a little fruit bat so she ate half the bowl I’m afraid to say.

We went home with a bag of limes, chillis, and some fruit that I can’t remember the name of! Before we left, we tried a miracle fruit. Has anyone ever heard of this fruit? We hadn’t! It is the most amazing thing. You eat it and then for about 2 hours afterwards, everything you eat or drink tastes really sweet. To test it, we ate some lime before and afterwards. Before, the lime tasted tangy as usual and then afterwards it tasted so sweet! I made some homemade ‘limeade’ in the thermomix the next day. Delicious!




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