Blowing my own crumpet

Homemade crumpets

We had my husband’s family Christmas last night while two of his brothers were home. And when trying decide the best place for breakfast in the morning, we settled on the deck ‘cafe’ at our place.  A good place to be on a muggy December morning with a cool south-easterly breeze.
We spoke about making homemade croissants for breakfast and thought it might be too time consuming. Then someone suggested crumpets. I don’t know about you but I’ve only ever bought crumpets that you toast and eat with butter and jam or honey (or even Vegemite!)

I am lucky enough to own a thermomix and it feels like anything is possible when you own one of those. Sure enough after a quick internet search, I found a recipe. It didn’t look too hard but did involve leaving it sit for an hour so the yeast could work it’s magic. We are usually up fairly early (often with a baby in the houseit is not by choice!) so I set about making the batter.

The result was very tasty crumpets and just like the recipe promised, better than the plastic packaged ones you buy at the supermarket. We ate them with butter and jam as well as some maple syrup. Yummmm. It did take a while to cook them all but it was worth the wait!


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